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Borneo, Sabah: Sinurambi


Headline: Sinurambi Awaits

Date Posted: 11/18/2004

New Sabah Times : Nov 18th, 2004

Irene Obon

Perched on the edge of the Crocker Range National park sits Sinurambi.  The views from this ‘Eagles’ Nest’ are simply stunning with sweeping vistas from the Kuala Penyu Peninsular, across the city of Kota Kinabalu right to the majestic Mount Kinabalu herself. 

Tucked away from the beaten track, Sinurambi awaits the visitor looking for an exclusive, personalized holiday experience.  There couldn’t be a more exclusive place than this Eagles’ Nest.  Despite it’s 28 acres of tropical forest cover, orchard and awesome views through glass panels and a verandah that runs from one end of the house to the other, Sinurambi’s Borneo Country Stay program is designed for a couple or a family at a time.

The room tariff is exclusive of a varied menu of activities from a helicopter ride to a remote village to the ultimate cruising experience on the Jade Princess.  This 80-foot Halvorsen motor yacht offers every touch of class and comfort with a capacity to cater for 50 people for corporate functions to romantic weddings.

Besides the sun and fun at Sinurambi, there are the parties where one can mingle and socialise with the local people-people, after all are what make a place.  Enjoy the delights of excellent eastern and western food.  Sinurambi has the luxury of two cooks.  Perhaps you would prefer the peace and quiet of home?  Do it!  Stay home, sit back and relax or go trekking.  Or savour the ultimate pleasure of doing nothing at all.

Sinurambi is also known for its unique structural design.  Designed by Ling Fah Shing, it is a fusion of western and eastern elements.  Rose ensured that just by looking at the house from the outside, people would know that a native lives there.  She wanted to have what were “nearest and dearest” from her home in Kota Marudu included in the design of the house, and so the fireplace and the verandah.

Many of the materials used in building came from around the house or from Sabah.  The fireplace is made from rocks excavated from the surroundings.  The Borneo marble comes from Lahad Datu and the living room structure is based on the wakid, the native carryall.  You’ll also find the wakid decorating the living room walls.

They have installed two kitchens – the wet and the modern.  The modern western kitchen needless to say is Terry’s domain.  Terry once ran a Fish & Chips business.  Rose on the other hand is a nurse by profession but the time came when she felt she was past the need for such a noble profession.  She believes that every person has the right to make choices.  At the same time she also believes that whatever one chose, one’s entire life would be all ready laid out by a power greater than oneself.  So she chose what she felt was the right thing to do at that moment in time.  She left nursing.

Terry first set eyes on Rose at Pan Pacific where she worked.  He knew at once that she was the girl for him and told his buddies with him, “That’s the one.”  But he was a busy man who travelled extensively so he dropped her a postcard from every destination he arrived.  Always, the message read “You should be here with me.”  The rest is history.

Then it was time to look for land to build their house.  But the place found them while they were in England.  They came back, visited the land on the edge of the Crocker Range and they both agreed – “This is our land.”  Strangely enough, it was a cloudy day when they went there the first time and therefore were unable to see Mount Kinabalu.  The majestic Mt. Kinabalu revealed itself on subsequent visits.

“I believe we were sent here to look after this land.”  Rose is convinced.



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